Ready for a real-time view of your complex supply chain?

Meet the ultimate visibility solution for complex supply chains.

FreightVerify gives you real-time visibility at every step of your complex supply chain. Through live data aggregation, powerful analytics and an intuitive interface, you'll unlock the insights you need to make critical decisions with confidence.

  • Real-time visibility for every part shipped in North America

    With several thousand component supplier locations throughout North America, a leading automotive manufacturer sought to improve control of its supply chain across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. FreightVerify began its work by onboarding the OEM’s truck and rail carriers to the FreightVerify platform...

  • Aftermarket shipment visibility across road, rail, ocean, and air

    For a complex enterprise with more than 200,000 parts and 400 outbound trucks to manage every day, achieving a 98% part-replenishment target within a 24-hour window is no easy feat. FreightVerify tackled the challenge by onboarding the OEM’s truck, LTL, intermodal, and rail carriers to its platform...


Key features

Replace complexity with clarity. FreightVerify goes beyond every solution in the supply-chain industry by offering real-time part, SKU and order tracking, geofencing capabilities and AI-powered analytics. That’s why leading global enterprises and complex manufacturers turn to FreightVerify.

Our data is not dependent on manual updates from carriers. We integrate with key providers and aggregate live data from suppliers, 3PLs, carriers, data providers and their entire universe of siloed internal tools.

The FreightVerify platform is available to all players across the logistics ecosystem. The result is clear real-time visibility across your extended supply chain.


Reduced material follow-up costs

Resources necessary to track production material through the supply-chain.

Reduced inventory costs

Real-time visibility and measurement of shipments in transit improves inventory logistics throughout the supply chain.

Improved customer satisfaction

Real-time visibility, predictive analytics and performance metrics vastly reduce overall supply-chain complexity.

Reduced expedited freight costs

Resources necessary to protect air charters, special team deliveries and production adjustments.

Reduced logistics costs

The FreightVerify platform helps you optimize location and modal assets management like never before.

Streamlined visibility

We acquire critical data in an automated manner from many sources, decreasing dependence on manual updates.