Trusted by the world's most demanding complex enterprises.

FreightVerify provides complex enterprises with the groundbreaking capabilities they need to manage and optimize their extended supply chains.

Our platform's predictive analytics, business intelligence, real-time visibility features and ease of use are unmatched.

Whether you need a granular view of every shipment or a macro view of your extended supply network, the FreightVerify platform delivers.

Neutral, shipper-centric and independent.: We operate independently of asset-based carriers and 3PLs. Our platform is available to all players across the logistics ecosystem.

Fast. Secure. Reliable. Trusted: We implement solutions quickly, securely, and with global scalability. The future of your business is in great hands.

Protect your investments: Complex supply chains are unpredictable and costly. FreightVerify identifies cost-efficiency opportunities and maximizes the investments you’ve already made.

Precision-engineered for JIT manufacturing: No supply-chain visibility solution matches our part, SKU and order-level tracking, dwell-time analysis features, or ability to reduce inventory and freight costs.

Built for your growth: Our highly intuitive platform and patent-pending canonical model enable effortless scaling across industry verticals and geographies.

Our value to shippers

Reduced material follow-up costs

Resources necessary to track production material through the supply-chain.

Reduced inventory costs

Real-time visibility and measurement of shipments in transit improves inventory logistics throughout the supply chain.

Improved customer satisfaction

Resources necessary to track production material Real-time visibility, predictive analytics and performance metrics vastly reduce overall supply-chain complexity.

Reduced expedited freight costs

Resources necessary to protect air charters, special team deliveries and production adjustments.

Reduced logistics costs

The FreightVerify platform helps you optimize location and modal assets management like never before.

Streamlined visibility

We acquire critical data in an automated manner from many sources, decreasing dependence on manual updates.