Real-time visibility for every part shipped in North America

Real-time visibility for every part shipped in North America

The customer: A multi-billion dollar automotive OEM

The challenge: With several thousand component supplier locations throughout North America, a leading automotive manufacturer sought to improve control of its supply chain across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Streamlining operations for inbound shipments to assembly plants would mean aggregating data from multiple fragmented systems and sources while reducing dependence on third-party providers. The ideal solution would also need to integrate with the OEM’s transportation management platform and support systems, leveraging real-time and historical data to unlock new business opportunities and operational efficiencies. Success would mean true real-time visibility – not just event-based tracking – for every part in transit across the OEM’s North American supply chain.

The FreightVerify solution:

FreightVerify began its work by onboarding the OEM’s truck and rail carriers to the FreightVerify platform, introducing real-time tracking on an easy-to-use interface that accelerated training and rollout. The solution introduced the ability to geofence all relevant supply chain locations -- including assembly facilities, suppliers, cross docks, and logistics operating centers -- in the OEM’s location-management model. The results were vastly improved reporting and business intelligence features for the OEM, introducing new capabilities for analyzing carrier and supplier delays, viewing location dwell times, and understanding variations between original and actual transit plans.

The results:

As a single authoritative source for real-time shipment and ETA data within the organization, the FreightVerify platform delivered unprecedented visibility across hundreds of users and multiple assembly facilities. ETA data became the marquee feature in the OEM’s transportation management platform, and the OEM was able to achieve granular real-time visibility for every part in its inbound shipment network. Within two months of implementation, FreightVerify helped the customer achieve savings of several million dollars. Instant success in North America led the OEM to expand the program to regions around the world, streamlining logistics on a global scale.